Feedback Shows you Care

One of Gallup’s 12 Questions for employee engagement states “My supervisor or someone at work seems to care about me as a person.” The phrase “cares about me” may be interpreted by employees in many different ways. Recently it was shared with me that feedback is a way of showing your employees you care about them. If the feedback is genuine, well researched and timely, it is a great way to show employees you care about them, that you are paying attention to them and that you value their contribution. Feedback is a powerful way to show employees that they matter to you. 

How often do you take time to give your employees feedback that is genuine, timely and well researched? Feedback can be a great way to challenge an employee to stretch into something new or uncomfortable. It can also be a way to confirm that the employee is on the right track and doing a great job. It can also be used to confront poor performance or behavior. Regardless of the type of feedback, when it is done in a genuine, timely and well-researched manner, it can improve engagement of employees.

What do you do to support your employees and hold them accountable? If you feel that providing feedback is an area you could improve upon, feel welcome to reach out to me for resources, ideas and coaching in this area.

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