Engagement in Real Life

I love when I experience engagement in real life! I was in a meeting this morning and it was one of our co-workers birthday. At the end of the meeting our team lead presented her with a small bouquet of flowers, cupcakes for everyone and a special bag of her favorite double chocolate cookies. We all got to share in “happy birthday” and share some good laughs. Our co-worker shared how last night after she got home from class, her friends had thrown her a surprise party. It only took about 5 minutes to hear her story, share in her birthday treats and wish her well but everyone left the meetings with a smile on their face and energy to start working on their projects.


Recognition and praise is one of the four drivers of employee engagement. Studies show that high performing teams share three positive comments  to one negative comment when interacting together. When we can take time to recognize our employees and show appreciation or gratitude it releases positive emotions in both the receiver and the giver. It also helps to start a positive spiral which leads to higher productivity, more creativity and overall happiness that can last throughout the day. Recognition takes time and it takes courage. Find the time and courage within yourself to recognize and appreciate someone today and watch the benefits grow exponentially.

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