3 Questions for Better Engagement

If any of you are parents or been in a position to watch children, you’ve probably caught yourself asking one of these questions: (1) What on earth have you done? (2) What in the ___ are you doing? (3) What will you think of next? In Robert Fulghum’s book “What On Earth Have I Done? Stories, Observations and Affirmations,” he discovers that these answers are never easy and almost always surprising. As a leader, supervisor or manager, it is important to take a moment of pause to ask yourself these questions. I have found them very helpful in setting my own development plan and helping others find theirs.



It is useful to inquire about ourselves and the quality of work we are doing and what our overall contribution has been. What have you done? What are you proud of? What stands out as a peak experience for you in state government?



It is useful to query our actions. Does what you’re doing align with your values and beliefs?



It is useful to check in to see if we’re mentally active. Have you had any new ideas? Are you open to innovation or creative new ways to do things? Are you still thinking and learning?


Take a moment today or this weekend to be in solitude and examine your answers to these questions. The great thing is it’s not too late to change all the answers. And you don’t have to do it alone. If there is more you’d like to accomplish, look around you at the resources you have. What or who can you call on to help make it happen? If you’re having trouble getting traction and taking action, get a coach or an accountability partner. Make your intentions known and then go for it. If you’re feeling stagnant and bored, start a “big thinkers” group or take a colleague or friend whose intellect you admire to coffee and ask about what’s interesting to them in their work and life right now.


Don’t forget the resources you have right here with the Workforce Solutions Team in the CHRO (*hint, I’m one of them!). It’s not always easy to ask for help but if we don’t ask, we don’t get, so please ask!




To read more about Robert Fulghum and the books he’s written click here:


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