A Thanksgiving “Blessing”

My employee engagement Friday blogs have diminished in frequency lately. Writing doesn’t come easily for me and I have to feel inspired to complete my blog. When I read this blessing, I felt that inspiration: Everyone has something of beauty about them. Everyone you meet has something to teach you. Look up. Be present and pay attention to those around you.


In the spirit of thanksgiving, and family and friends coming together to share a meal next week, I leave you with a “blessing” for your table. This blessing doesn’t require you to bow your head or close your eyes, yet if that is your tradition, it may be even more meaningful.


The finest blessing a meal can have is great companionship.

Look around the room. Take notice of those who sit with you.

Look around you. Look at these men and women (boys and girls).

Consider who they are, what they have done, and what they stand for.

Consider that you are not alone on your way in the world.

Consider that you have the honor to break bread with such as these.


And know that this meal and each of us is abundantly blessed.



*Excerpt taken from Robert Fulghum’s book, What On Earth Have I Done?

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