Love Is In The Air

Before the month of February comes to a close let’s take a few moments to reflect on love. Love is about being close to other people and having a genuine interest in their well-being and happiness. You use this strength when you give your child a tender hug after school, empathize with your sibling about a struggle, or mindfully listen to your partner talk about their work day. Sure, it’s easy to see how this strength is exercised with friends and family, but what about expressing love at work?

Should you show your co-workers love? Absolutely! I have a co-worker whose daughter is 2 years older than mine. Every now and then I get these amazing little bundles of “hand me downs” on my chair. They make me smile and it feels great to connect with her. My team lead knows when our team is especially busy or stressed and bagels and cream cheese appear in our goody cube. I love delivering little notes to co-workers I appreciate.

You spend a lot of time with your colleagues, so it’s important that you cultivate and nurture these relationships just as you would with your spouse or children. After all, positive relationships are one of the most important factors contributing to your happiness, so investing more time in improving these connections can have a profound impact on your well-being.


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