Meditation: A Powerful Source of Energy

One of the four sources of energy as defined by Tony Schwartz in The Energy Project is spiritual energy. It’s belonging to something larger than yourself. When we tap into one of the four sources of energy we can increase our capacity to do work by 50%. Those of you who know me, know I don’t sit still very well. I had nicknames in college like; flash, turbo and triple shot (think espresso, not alcohol)!

So this week I have been focusing more on being still, meditating and thinking. And I like it! I want to continue to tap into this energy source more. I’ve learned that like attracts like. We are sending out vibrations into the workplace and the world around us. If you don’t like what you’re getting back, change what you’re giving. Change your energy, change your intention. You don’t draw in what you want, you attract who you are. What are you sending out? Do you like what you’re getting back?

If you have a meditation you’ve tried and enjoyed, please share it with me!  



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