Stay in Joy or Leave in Peace

My thoughts have been stuck on a quote I read this week from Cy Wakeman. “There is no third option when it comes to organizational alignment – you either stay in JOY or leave in PEACE. But you cannot stay and hate.”

When my organization clearly communicates its goals and strategies, as an employee I need to ask myself, “Am I on board?” If the answer is yes – great! So, what’s my strategy to stay on board? If my answer is no – that’s fine, too. But, what’s my strategy to leave? Because to stay and be a negative influence on a team is both toxic to the team and takes a physical and emotional toll on me.

Are we letting people around us emotionally blackmail us? To move a team or an organization forward we need to set an expectation (if it’s true) that buy-in isn’t optional. Our message needs to be that we are focused on working together in supportive and professional ways. As leaders, we need to get clear about our expectations and views around accountability.

To help turn those around who only want to vent and complain, ask these four questions.

  1. What do we know for sure? Remove drama, stories, assumptions and get down to the facts.
  2. What can you/I do to help?
  3. What difference can we make around this issue?
  4. What would great look like?

If we can “ditch the drama” and get to solutions quicker, we may experience more joy and peace in the workplace. You don’t have to do it alone! Contact me for ideas. I’d love to help.

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