I had the privilege of attending the Public Management Association’s annual conference yesterday. One of the many quotes that stuck with me is, “information without action is just Google.” Knowledge isn’t power if it isn’t turned into action. Knowing about leadership isn’t enough. Practicing the principles and taking action to influence, grow and develop is what leads to success.

Something I talk about frequently around employee engagement is the importance of recognition and praise. To help you turn knowledge into action, here’s a model for giving someone recognition or praise.

S = situation

A = action

I = impact

In your praise, start with the situation or context. An example could look like, “In the last team meeting.” Then tell the person the action they did that you want to recognize. An example could look like, “I appreciated how you spoke up about your idea and provided a recommendation.” Then show them the impact it had. An example could look like, “You gave me some new insight into our project.”

Remember, what gets praised, gets done. And an ideal ratio for good performing teams is 3 positive comments to 1 negative. Here’s to taking action and practicing SAI!!

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