Kindness Begins With Me

As many of you know, I’m one of the lucky ones on the team working on the Positivity Project. We launched Wednesday with an overwhelmingly positive response. By the end of our first day, we had over 500 emails from staff telling stories of acts of kindness and positivity happening in Oregon state government. Let’s keep it going!

We also heard from a few naysayers. It’s to be expected. I would just remind us all (myself included) that the surest way to prevent yourself from learning a topic is to believe you already know it.

In defense of kindness, sometimes it really is the simple things in life that matter most.

– When someone does a good job, tell them.
– When someone makes a mistake, forgive them.
– When someone tells you their problems, listen.

Being kind doesn’t have to cost a thing. You’ll hardly remember you did it, but the other person may never forget.

I was recently reminded of this quote from author Leo Tolstoy: 

“If you want to do a good deed, do it now. The time will pass, and you will not have the chance again.”

Please share your acts of kindness at And visit our website:

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