Be a Positive Force

This week was the kickoff for the CHRO Coffee Cart. This is the third year we’ve loaded up two carts with coffee and sweet and savory treats and visited each floor of the DAS Executive Building. It is always the highlight of the year for me, getting a chance to connect with all the faces in my building and bringing some holiday joy to others.

I’m always impressed when I see co-workers “treating” others to coffee or treats. There’s also one special lady who always makes a donation for me and my helper(s) to enjoy a treat on her. It was this frame of mind that attracted me to a quote from novelist and playwright Edith Wharton on being a positive force:

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” 

I’ve been lucky enough to experience both this week. What about you? Do you find yourself spreading light or reflecting it back? With the holidays approaching, I’m going to be looking for ways to do both. I hope you will join me as well.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving break,


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