Self-Care Tool Kit

I know it’s not the end of the year yet, but I have a top 10 list to share with you. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

10 Self-Care Practices to Reduce Stress

  1. Self-care starts with sleep. Forsaking sleep leads to burnout. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
  2. Morning routine to energize. Exercising makes us more productive in terms of energy, positivity and focus.
  3. Connect with nature. Nourish your brain with non-work activities.
  4. Make time for supportive relationships. Friends help us process questions, provide a different perspective, and serve as a sounding board for advice on various problems.
  5. Have a planned disconnect. It’s so important to unplug and turn away from work. Renew and refresh.
  6. Keep a journal to self-reflect. Journaling is a way to identify and take action around your feelings. It reduces anxiety and depression. It may also help you see patterns in your thoughts and behaviors and lead to solutions.
  7. Switch off and feed your curiosity. Find ways to learn and soak up new information.
  8. Cultivate a positive mindset. Visit the Positivity Project for more information.
  9. Build self-awareness. Take assessments, learn more about your personality, communication style, preferences etc.
  10. Avoid rumination. Too many unhealthy thoughts affect our ability to perform and to handle personal or professional relationship.

If you want to make a declaration about an intention of yours in the New Year, send me an email. I am a safe and confidential accountability partner for you!

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