Friday Musings – Week 7 of Sheltering in Place

Anyone else out there interested in some light musings for this Friday’s blog? Good! Me to!

Things I’ve noticed on week 6 of sheltering in place and working from home:

  • I run the dishwasher a lot more than ever before, but laundry loads seems lighter. Hmm … probably because sweats and jeans last longer than slacks and button downs.
  • Little things are devastating and major things fly right by. We’re out of mayo, seriously??!! Unemployment is at roughly 26.5 million? Huh.
  • Piano Man came on the radio and I almost burst into tears. What I wouldn’t give to be listening to live music in a pub, having a drink with friends.
  • COVID-19 is now COVID-20. As in pounds gained.
  • I have the attention span of a gnat. Some call it SOS – shiny object syndrome. (I got up 5 times to check out what was going on outside while I wrote this.)
  • I really don’t know clouds at all. (Bonus if you reply with the song that comes from.)

What have you noticed about yourself and your household? Feel free to share your fun musings with me.

Have a safe and healthy weekend,

Lisa E

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