The UnLonely Project & Newton’s Third Law

When I was first getting into running, I remember reading Newton’s First Law, which states, objects in motion tend to stay in motion. I have relied on that law a lot during these past few months of staying home. I don’t want to, but I make myself get up and get in motion and tell myself, if I can just get in motion, the chances are pretty good that I’ll stay in motion. So far it’s worked! Maybe you are also familiar with Newton’s Third Law, which states, for every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I just finished reading the book American Dirt, by Jeanine Cummins, about a woman and her son who run for their lives to escape Mexico after their entire family has been murdered by a cartel. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. The author cites Newton’s Third Law as this: for every wickedness, there is an equal and opposite possibility of redemption. That was powerful to me. It gave me hope and an extra spark to keep reading, listening and moving forward.

The second thing I want to share came to me from a co-worker. The Foundation for Art & Healing’s signature initiative, The UnLonely Project, has launched their 4th annual Film Festival. Here you can stream 35+ films specifically curated to inspire, enlighten, elevate and inform you. Their goal is to provide a sense of “connectedness” between you, the filmmaker, and others viewing the films. On each and every film page, you’ll find opportunities to reflect and engage. Look out for the overview video which accompanies each film and illuminates its meaning, along with a creative expression exercise and a chance to share your thoughts. Most of the films are short, 15-30 minutes. My recommendation is to start with the award winners and to watch with a friend.

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